Petition for the beatification of Don Dolindo Ruotolo

Every day at the tomb of Fr. Dolindo Ruotolo (1882-1970) in the Parish of St. Joseph of the Old and Immaculate of Lourdes in Naples hundreds of pilgrims pray, coming not only from Italy, but from all over the world (France, Slovakia, England, America…) and especially from Poland ( up to 500 pilgrims a week from the country of St. John Paul II). They ask and obtain, through the Servant of God’s intercession, many graces. After ‘meeting’ Fr. Dolindo many return to the sacraments, even after 20 years away from the Church, priests regain their strength, atheists are baptized, sick and suffering people feel relief from their suffering, divorced people get back together after years of separation. Love the Church, because the Church is Jesus! – Father Dolindo repeated.

Fr. Dolindo Ruotolo offered himself as a victim to Jesus for His Holy Church. In his earthly existence, Fr. Dolindo was slandered and despised by some and loved by others, experienced enormous sufferings conjoined with the Crucifix and suffered true martyrdom of the heart.

Suspended for a full 19 years, Fr. Dolindo remained faithful and heroically obedient to the Church until the end. “My secret is Jesus in the Sacrament” – he repeated.

Fr. Dolindo’s witness has become the light and strength for many to draw closer to Christ. New vocations to the priesthood are also occurring, especially in Poland. Millions of faithful around the world have come to know Fr. Dolindo and live fully entrusting themselves to God through the famous Act of Surrender, “Jesus take care of it You!” written, precisely, by Fr. Dolindo.

Padre Pio of Pietrelcina sent many penitents to Fr. Dolindo. In one of the letters written to Fr. Dolindo, the stigmatic of San Giovanni Rotondo wrote, “Nothing that has flowed from Fr. Dolindo’s pen should be lost. He is a holy priest!”

Every 19th of the month, in remembrance of his death, the Parish where Fr. Dolindo’s tomb is located is crowded with numerous faithful, who pray and knock at the tomb. Don Dolindo’s reputation for holiness is growing exponentially.

For this reason, we ask the Holy Father to open the cause of beatification and canonization of the Servant of God.

Jesus, You take care of it!

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